iKana touch – Hiragana and Katakana study tool

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iKana touch – Hiragana and Katakana study tool

If you are studying Japanese then you will need to learn the two phonetic scripts called hiragana and katakana. iKana touch will make learning these much easier and more fun than traditional methods!

Even if you are just planning on learning a little Japanese before visiting Japan, being able to read kana will help you decipher many words and signs.

iKana touch contains flash cards with stroke animations, example words and sound clips so you can hear the kana pronounced. It features a kana speed test and a writing test where you can practice writing kana directly on the screen. You can quickly build a practice set of characters to test yourself on or review kana you incorrectly identified in a previous test. An ideal way to study Japanese writing when ever you are out and about!