Poker Tools – MTT

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娱乐场游戏 工具 扑克牌游戏

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Poker Tools – MTT

Poker Tools – MTT is an app designed to make the life of tournament poker players easier.

Whether you are a tournament grinder, only plays the occasional tournament or are a beginner looking to improve your game this app will give you all the tools needed to take your game to the next level.


- Push-Fold Calculator – Know when it’s a good time to push all-in on a quick and very easy to use calculator based on the nash equilibrium strategy.

- Starting Hands – Know what hands the best players in the world play from each position.

- Quick Results Tracker – A tool to quickly track your results. You enter buy-ins and prizes and the calculator will give you the number of tourneys, ROI, ITM % and profit. Perfect for the sunday grind,WSOP,WCOOP or to keep track of all your tournaments.

- Expected Profit – Find out what kind of results you can expect on your poker tournaments.

Deal Maker – Easily make a deal for your final table based on the chip-chop method, the most widely used around the world.

The whole app is designed to be quick and user friendly.

Hope you enjoy it!