Clara – Personal Finance for iPhone

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Clara – Personal Finance for iPhone

Clara – Your personal finance app designed to manage your money easily and effortlessly! Slow and painful money management is a thing of the past because Clara offers you a fast and intuitive interface to do that.


* 27 Feb 2013, Managing your money has never been so efficient while looking so good, thanks to Clara.

* 21 Feb 2013, Find it hard to keep track of your money? Clara may solve your woes

* 20 Feb 2013, Bryan Lim: Interview story behind Clara at


- Record Composer

Designed for simple and hassle-free data entry, supercharged with innovative shortcut system. Clara automatically saves a record whenever you tap “Back”. “Save” button is not required.

- Flexible Categories

You decide the categories! Just type in a category name when adding a record. NO cumbersome category setup is needed.
You can also group relevant categories together, e.g. “Breakfast” and “Lunch” under “Food”.

- Hashtag

You can tag records with hashtags which act as bookmarks. They let you jump to previous records easily and quickly whenever you need to.

- Insights

Want to find out how your money is spent or where your income is coming from? Insights provides a summary of that, broken down by categories and groups.
You can also drill down to see comparisons between months and years.

- Savings

“A penny saved is a penny earned”. Benjamin Franklin
Clara reminds to save for the rainy days and gives you a summary of your monthly savings so you know if you are on track with your saving target.

- Recurring Records

Avoid the hassle of entering recurring expenses and income sources. Clara will automatically create them when they are due.

- Search

Need to quickly look up a record? Find it by searching via keywords or hashtags.

- Security

Clara secures your data with passcode protection so it is kept safe. Having to enter passcode for adding new record can be annoyance, we made it possible to by-pass that with access to compose function in passcode entry screen (Disabled by default).

Your passcode is stored securely in your device keychain. It’s not uploaded or stored anywhere else. Don’t forget your passcode because we are unable to retrieve your passcode.