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工具 摄影与录像

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★★★★ iZipMyPhotos is the must have photo utility for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ★★★★

iZipMyPhotos allows you to:

★ simply and easily collate your photos into one central archive.
★ compress that archive and send it via email with one tap.
★ save time – as the whole archive is compressed, it will send quicker.
★ save money – helping you to keep under your monthly bandwidth quotas.
★ keep a backup of your photos.
★ start sharing your photos more with family and friends as it is so quick and easy.

iZipMyPhotos is optimised for the iPhone / iPod Touch and the iPad so your are sure to find it easy and quick to use.

★ Check out our website http://www.iZipMyPhotos.com for more information. ★

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