Taptodo; Google tasks client

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Taptodo; Google tasks client

Create, coordinate, and control all of your Google tasks from a single screen today! Download Taptodo and begin, organizing and editing the daily tasks you create straight from your iPhone!

Taptodo was developed to provide users with the quickest and most straightforward platform to manage their tasks through their iPhone. Using a utilitarian layout, this app seamlessly integrates the users normal Google Tasks set up, allowing them to freely upload and download content from the cloud anywhere and at any time.

Users can sync their accounts with Taptodo to ensure their task lists stay up to date. Furthermore, the application offers users double tiered security by asking users to enter their Google account password to access email while also giving them the option of creating a password in order to access Taptodo in general.

App Features:

- Secure integration of Google Tasks API
- Extremely simple & intuitive interface
- Notes, due-dates and alerts support
- Arrange tasks by date & name
- Multi-level sub-tasking
- Local notifications
- Password protection
- E-mail task lists
- iPhone 5 support

Taptodo is developed by INTERSOG LLC.

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