Texpad : LaTeX editor

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Texpad : LaTeX editor

Edit and typeset LaTeX (including Beamer, Tikz, BibTeX, graphicx, AMS, RevTeX) on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. No internet connection required.

Texpad is an iOS LaTeX editor featuring fast LaTeX and BibTeX typesetting on your device, autocomplete, Dropbox integration and a Bundle manager that gives you access to virtually any LaTeX Package.

Press typeset and you can preview your pdf right on your device. LaTeX’s obscure console output has been replaced with a table of typesetting issues. Touch an issue and Texpad will direct you to the line of offending LaTeX source. Touch a missing file and Texpad’s integrated bundle manager will prompt you to install it. Of course, the full LaTeX and BibTeX log is available if you wish to investigate further.

The onboard, no internet connection required, typesetter comes with PGF drivers allowing you to create beautiful diagrams and presentations with Tikz and Beamer respectively. Texpad’s typesetter integrates with TeX’s virtual font system so that Texpad can typeset with any LaTeX font.

Texpad has been designed from the start to deal with large projects. Given a single LaTeX root file, Texpad will read through the LaTeX source, and that of any include-d files to present you with a browsable outline of your entire project.

The combination of the bundle manager and font system allows Texpad to typeset almost any language, whatever the character set.

Texpad doesn’t just autocomplete simple LaTeX commands. All labels and BibTeX entries are read by the parser and offered as an autocomplete for cite{} and ref{} commands, as are all commands defined by the user. Other features to make touchscreen editing fast and efficient are Hooper inspired two finger swipes to move the cursor, full bluetooth Keyboard support, a subtle keyboard accessory view, and three finger swipe to comment or uncomment a block of LaTeX.

You can import and export documents from Texpad by email, iTunes, and Dropbox. Dropbox support is fully integrated to make it as easy as possible to collaborate and synchronise your files with your desktop.


* Typeset LaTeX to PDF on your iPad, iPod, iPhone without need for an internet connection. BibTeX is also built in to handle bibliographies.

* The onboard typesetter supports virtually any LaTeX package or font, including, but not limited to: Beamer, Tikz, Koma Script, e-TeX, graphicx, Pgfplots, AMS, RevTeX, Babel.

* Universal binary for iPhone, iPod and iPad with support iPhone 5 and the fourth generation iPads

* Texpad’s syntax highlighted editor with touchscreen gestures guarantees that Texpad is the quickest and easiest way to edit LaTeX on your iPad.

* The outline view enables you to navigate quickly around even the biggest multi-file projects.

* Integrated Dropbox support (other cloud file sharing services will be added in future updates).

* Autocompletes all commands (even user defined) and autofills references and citations defined in your document.

* Global search through all files in a project by either text or regular expression.

* Additionally, free typesetting through our secure cloud servers gives you access to all packages in the latest TeXLive.


Coming soon:

* Editor themes to customise text colours
* LaTeX-aware spell checking
* CJK bundle to add support for these languages in the onboard typesetter