TASKY+ | Task & Todo list, reminders & calendar

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TASKY+ | Task & Todo list, reminders & calendar

Used everyday in more then 42 countries around the world.
“Tasky+ comes awfully close to being next great to-do app.” – MacLife

Smart and simple task management for everyday life with clear design, automatic date recognition from task description, reminders and calendar view for easier planning.

- Modern and functional design. Beautiful design for iOS6/7, simple and user friendly.
- Gesture powered – Use gestures to control tasks – swipe left to complete or delete, swipe right to reschedule, tap to edit, shake to delete completed tasks.
- Reminds you on anything – Shows remaining time and fires notifications so you will never forget any important thing. Supports also recurring tasks.
- Teamwork – Share tasks with friends or teammates.

- “next monday”
- “tomorrow evening”
- “monday morning”
- “wednesday at 2″
- “23/9 9a”
- and many others, try them yourself!

Note: Currently supported languages for date recognition are English US and English UK.

Give it a try! Your feedback is appreciated.