Password Only – Manage My Digital Property in Security

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Password Only – Manage My Digital Property in Security

The world’s first digital property protection expert for IOS ◆ AES Encryption ◆ Sync & Backup ◆ Advanced Security Options ◆ Standard IOS Libraries ◆ Sharing with Emails and SMS
“Everything you enter can be synced with a single tap to Password Only’s secure servers.” by Appadvice.
More than 50000 users trusted Password Only: “It’s the safest and most effective password manager app.”

Why you need Password Only?
Let’s start with a story: Pam Jean’s young daughter was killed in a skiing accident. She lost many memories about her lovely girl. Until one day, she got her daughter’s Facebook account and password. She logged in and found many photos and other precious information about her daughter. Inspired by this story, we came up with an idea to develop a password management app which can transfer digital property automatically if anything unexpected happens.
Nowadays, there are so many important personal accounts, password and other digital properties. If lost then they are gone forever. So don’t take any risks with your password, account info, card number, or ID. Keep them protected, secured, and easy to access in Password Only. Then, if anything unexpected happens, your bank accounts, financial info, health info, credit cards, insurance, and everything else protected by password will be transferred to the email address you trusted.
Why we are safe?
All user-generated data is encrypted with 256-bit AES in Password Only. Breaking or hacking a 256-bit key would require 2128 times the computing power of a 128-bit key. In theory, this would take a device that would require 3×1051 years to exhaust the 256-bit key space.

Benefits and Features:
◆ Allows you to securely store and retrieve your email password, credit card, bank card, driving license and membership card information in your mobile phone.
◆ Any information saved in Password Only can be synced and backed up, and you will never worry about losing it even if you lose your phone by accident. 
◆ Protects your data with a single automatic-locking password in peace of mind.
◆ Captures any intruders, hackers or wandering eyes who are getting a sneak peek at your data.
◆ Powerful search features and customized items available.

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◆ Much more surprises will be found in Password Only. ◆

We love Password Only and strive to make it as best as it can be. We’d love to hear from you and see how we can make it even better.