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扑克牌游戏 探险游戏

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Step into the arena: build and train your own army of rats with this addictive card game!

It’s your first day at Labanoir Academy, the university for mad scientists!
Confrontation is the main thing down there. But forget about the boxing gloves, we’re talking about genetically modified rat fights!
Decide your own strategy, capture hundreds of rats and train them to build a genuine war machine!
Use items to take advantage on your enemies, capture their cards while choosing yours closely, and get increasingly powerful cards to make your team evolve in the lab!
Fight thousands of players from all around the world in the multiplayer mode, and become the master of Labanoir Academy by winning duels against the enemies of the adventure mode.

Ready to discover Laboratz? Get along with the game by leading your mutant rats to great victory. Take advantage in fierce duels and show the entire world that you are the most talented scientists of your generation.

Laboratz is the ideal alternative to games such as ‘Urban Rivals’.

■ Discover rich and crazy graphics.
■ Fight against powerful opponents and save Labanoir Academy in the adventure mode.
■ Collect more than 150 rats.
■ Use ‘dirty tricks’ to improve your strategy.
■ Train your team and participate in real-time duels in the multiplayer mode.
■ Step into the arena of the first MMORPG trading card game.
■ Connect to Facebook to defy your friends and help them in the multiplayer mode.
■ Comes with total synchronization between Facebook and iOS versions!

« Awesome, I improve my rats and my strategy so fast thanks to my Facebook friends! » Fred.

« The adventure mode is stunning, at last we have a MMORPG trading card game with an authentic universe. Can’t wait for the next chapters! » Justine.

« Much better than the other trading card games I’ve tried so far and also the most based on strategy, I almost feel like playing a MMORPG for real! » Laure.

« I love this game ! The multiplayer game is awesome, unlike other card games like ‘Urban Rivals’! » Arnaud.

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Note : You can quickly become a Laboratz addict. You’ll probably spend hours improving your strategy and fighting in the multiplayer mode. Forget about ‘Urban Rivals’, and get hooked on the first real MMORPG trading card game.
Laboratz is a MMORPG, therefore you need an internet connexion to play it.

Laboratz is a registrated trademark of Adictiz.