Juicy Math

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Juicy Math

This game will fascinate players from 4 till 10, and help them develop and improve basic math skills, all while having fun. Contains amazing sharp graphics for Retina displays of the new iPads!
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Great educational app for babies 1 year old and up. 

The game has separate levels to learn Addition and Subtraction, and Mix with Addition and Subtraction generated randomly.

We have designed this app to help babies understand the basic ideas of addition and subtraction. All animations and highlights on the game are specially designed to show the mathematics principles.

Numbers and pictures are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Depending on children age the game could be played by first touching every fruit to count them, or just by putting the results card on its placeholder.

Important feature for parents – you can check overall game progress on the statistics screen from the main menu, so you can always track and monitor how your baby is doing.

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