Binaural Beats: Beta Pack – Creativity and Productivity Boost(已下架)

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Binaural Beats: Beta Pack –  Creativity and Productivity Boost

This isn’t JUST another binaural beat application:
Beta Pack doesn’t just play a binaural beat at one static frequency, it starts off at the brain’s natural “idle” frequency and manipulates it to reach the target frequency of the application.

This is how REAL binaural beats work and isn’t a gimmick beat with some generic background sounds playing.

If you’re searching for the REAL thing – this is it!

This application uses Binaural Beats of high quality to raise your brain wave patterns and induces a state of creativeness and productivity.

It has three variations of the Beta wave ranging from Low Beta to High Beta.

So whenever you need to get that creative edge, the Beta Pack will help you reach this state of mind.

Important: To take maximal advantage of this application, stereo headphones are required.