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a Virtual Display app.
vtDisplay receive the video from our free Host app which create a virtual display on your main Mac to extend the screen. This means you can use your iOS devices as an extra display of your main Mac.
vtDisplay was designed to be very high performance, it can perform 60Hz refresh rate which is the highest in theory.

-Incredibly fast. vtDisplay can perform 60Hz @2048×1536 on iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina, with nearly lossless image quality. We had optimized everywhere to make this possible.
-Free resolution choice, our host app support up to 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution. The resolution list covered almost all Macs and iOS devices.
-Automatically connect in LAN or enter IP address manually to connect, via WiFi or Ethernet.
-Mirror Display. You can enable this in System Preference app.
-Remote Control. You can use your iOS touch screen as a track pad of your Mac, and a virtual keyboard to type.
-Real time screen preview on Host app.

We also released vtDisplay for Mac, if you want to use your spare Mac as your virtual display, you need buy the Mac version, not this one.
Windows users do not buy, we don’t have Host app for Windows at present, but we will support it soon.

Visit our web site to download free “vtDisplay Host” app: http://phyar.cn