Voice4u AAC Communication

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Voice4u AAC Communication

Voice4u is an simple application that consists numerous of fun and memorable images that can help assist and improve language. There could be countless reasons of why individuals may be struggling with impeding communication; ie. could be due to autism, stroke, language barrier, traumatic brain injury, etc. It can be a frustrating process for both the struggling individual, and the ones around him/her. But with Voice4U, you can easily bridge the communication gap and have a more better and accurate understanding of the individual’s wants and needs. Voice4u is easy to use, light weight(use it anywhere/anytime).

- Over 180 icons consisting of pictures with it’s corresponding word. The icons are included with clear, easy-to-listen audios.
- Easy to find and to navigate. You can decide to put the icons in alphabetical order, or to have them categorized in their rightful genres(ie. greetings, actions/feelings, etc).
- Customize! You can create your own icons with your own pictures and voice.
- Switch Accessible: You can control Voice4u with Bluetooth Switch Interface from RJ Cooper & Associates.
- Text-To-Speech: The app can read to you more than 40 languages instead of recording your own voice (requires additional in-app purchase.)

- Create a visual schedule
- Be able to tell stories, explain an event or occasion
- Make and share delicious recipes

Voice4u is noted for being used by special ed teachers and speech therapists, within the States and around the world. It’s simplicity and convenience makes it appealing to anyone.

website: http://voice4uaac.com/
youtube 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJKFG2SnkcE
youtube 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGJmQKMVmB0