Refills – Schedule and Todo Organizer (Sync with Google Calendar & Tasks™)

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Refills – Schedule and Todo Organizer (Sync with Google Calendar & Tasks™)

* Refills just reached 120,000 downloads. We would like to thank all of our users! (Feb 2013)

“Keep your life simple, beautiful and organized.”

Please just touch and feel it. You’ll soon find that organizing your schedule and task lists with Refills is so simple and easy, just like a paper datebook. Now it’s coming to iPhone & iPad.


Made just for iPhone/iPad:
All buttons are finger-friendly, and there are no more too much buttons. You can turn the page by simply swiping your finger left or right not only in the calendar views, but also in the tasks view.

Full featured:
“Simple is the best” doesn’t mean the lack of functionality. Refills meets what you want for a schedule and task management application.
- Built-in iOS Calendar support.
- Calendar & Task syncing with Google Calendar. (*1)
- Calendar views for Day / Week / Month. (*3)
- Integrated task list management. (*2)
- List & Search view for both events and tasks.
- Preset holiday calendars for 9 countries.
- Quick event time range entry by typing keyboard for touch typing experts.
- Map view support for event location.
- Repeating events support.
- Pop-up reminders.
- Jumping to today by one tap.
- Mini calendars for Day and Week view. (iPad and iPhone5 only)
- Vertical calendar view for quick date selection. (iPad only)
- Split view for showing calendar views and list & search view at the same time. (iPad only)

Refill Catalog in your pocket:
Got tired of the standard business style refill? No problem. Please visit the built-in Refill Catalog and just get another refill theme with different colors and design.
You can check out the Refill Design Gallery here,

(*1) Wi-Fi or 3G network connection is needed in order to sync with Google Calendar.
(*2) Please note that the syncing tasks between iPhone and iPad is currently only supported via Google Tasks. Syncing tasks with the Reminders app or iCloud has not been supported yet.
(*3) The sample screenshots have been taken on iOS7. Please note that some UI elements look different on iOS6 or earlier.

Important notice for iOS calendar syncing:
This app refers to the built-in iOS Calendar which follows the settings for the standard calendar app. Please make sure you have the appropriate calendar sync setting if you’re using iCloud or other cloud services. (1) From the iPhone/iPad home screen, launch ‘Settings’ app. (2) Select ‘Mail, Contact, Calendar’>'Calendar’>'Sync’. (3) Select appropriate synchronization period. (Note: By factory default, the synchronization period is set to 30 days, so the older events will be deleted from your device automatically.)