Situps Trainer

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Situps Trainer

Situps Trainer is a great abdominal workout tool that will help you develop a good-looking and strong abs with only 40 minutes a week.

This app was designed to get you fast results. You will start feeling the difference almost instantly. And with Notification Center integration, you will never forget a workout!

Situps Trainer is unique because it uses a smart and intuitive algorithm to generate workouts depending on your progress. So no matter what your level is, Situps Trainer will have the appropriate routine for you! No more cutting corners and cheatings, you will be able to finish each workout!

This app does not require any additional equipment for exercising, so you can follow this routine almost everywhere!


• Custom made programs
• Stats feature to visualize your progress!
• Redo your old steps with Time Travel!
• Twitter support.
• Stop-watch feature for optimum rest between sets
• Designed to get you fast results
• Notification Center integration for workout reminder
• Easy-to-use interface with gorgeous retina artwork and awesome sounds
• Auto reminders.

If you want to build a good-looking and strong abs, Situps Trainer is for you.

NOTE: Programs are custom-made to fit your needs. For further information you should contact your doctor to ensure that the level of activity you intend to do is safe for you.

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