Sleep Meister – Sleep Cycle Alarm Lite

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Sleep Meister – Sleep Cycle Alarm Lite

1st place on AppStore category rankings in Japan!

‘ Sleep Meister ‘ is an alarm application that has many other functions besides its main one as a tracker for sleep cycles.
It is able to sense your movements while you sleep and choose for the alarm to ring at a suitable time when you are in light sleep.

It has many functions. Share on SNS. Records of a daily notes. Records of an action memo. Recording function of sleep talking. Manages sleep data with graphs and lists. A music player that stops itself when you fall asleep. And so on.

Towards a more pleasant morning!

※ If you recording ‘sleep talking’ by iOS7, open a setting application and move to a microphone in privacy, and please turn On the ‘Sleep Meister’. If ‘Sleep Meister’ is not displayed on a setting application, please open the recording setting screen of a Sleep Meister application.

[Features and Functions]
- Records of a daily notes
- Records of an action memo
- Recording function of sleep talking
- Music player
- Posting on Twitter
- Posting on Facebook(Requires iOS 6.0 or later)
- Posting on Evernote
- Posting on LINE
- Flat design(Requires iOS 7.0 or later)
- 4-inch display compatible
- iOS 7 compatible

[How to use]
1. Set your preferred alarm sound, snooze options, etc.
2. When you set the alarm time and press the start button, sleep cycle monitoring begins.
3. Place your device in your bed.
4. The alarm will ring when sleep is shallowest during the 30 minute period prior to the time for which it is set.
5. When you wake up, slide the slider to the right to end monitoring.

[URL Scheme]

[Difference between paid and free versions]
- Paid version is ad-free