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It includes a total of 120 cute voices exclusively for the alarm by three popular voice actress, “Manabi Mizuno”“Rie Tanaka” and “Shiho Kawaragi.”
Also included are specific features unique to the iPhone/iPod touch application that promise you a wonderful morning such as voice patterns that vary according to the day, and the girls’ tones change according to how long you snooze.
Let’s have a dreamy morning with their addictive and cute voices.

** There are three characters who wake you up, each with their own personality. **
There are three different girls to wake you up. Each voice is recorded by popular voice actors, “Manabi Mizuno”,“Rie Tanaka” and “Shiho Kawaragi.”You can choose a girl by her voices or image, or have a different character everyday. Who is to wake you up in the morning?

** Alarm voices varies from day to day. **
Each character has 40 voices, and their patterns change everyday. It will wake you up with a fresh feeling every morning, unlike a heartless alarm. By touching the display before you set the alarm, you can try her voice for that day.

** Hesitant to stop the alarm ? Snooze system **
By setting a snooze, the character voice changes according to the set time. She may wake you up in an aggressive, soft, or sometimes angry tone! No kind of sleepyhead would be able to keep snoozing. Or you might hesitate to stop the alarm so that you can hear the various patterns of their voices.

(English subtitles are shown on the screen for each Japanese voice.)