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The Carrie Diaries Fan Hub

★ Hottest new show featuring the prequel to Sex and the City ★

★ Social Network for all Carrie Diarie fans ★

★★★★★ “Can’t wait for the Carrie Diaries? Best app while we wait for the show” — Carrie Dairies Review

Are you the ultimate Carrie Diaries fan? If so, come join the one and only Carrie Diaries app that you’ll ever have to download. The Carrie Diaries Fan Hub is the only social network destination where fans can comment, like, and chat about the latest tweets, pictures, videos, and news from each of the Carrie Diaries members. The app is also connected to Facebook and Twitter so that you can follow comments from fans worldwide or share with the world how much of a Carrie Diaries fan you really are. Join the Carrie Diaries social network or you’ll be left out!

Features of the app include:
- Social network of One Direction fans including profiles, commenting / liking of content, and sharing to Facebook / Twitter
- A personalized Twitter client for each One Direction member including access to status updates, photos, videos, and news
- Exclusive video content from behind the scene interviews and outtakes to paparazzi footage, personal memos, and more
- Slide show view of over 50,000 photos from One Direction

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