StickyStudy: Flash! (Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange)

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StickyStudy: Flash! (Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange)

[Full access to your Quizlet account]

The only flashcard study app with a “see everything” browse display. Choose from millions of decks from within the app, hit download and go.

Lite version available.

*** Reviews ***
“Simple, effective and well-designed.”
“This is one of those apps that really makes having the iPhone worthwhile. It is by far the best flash card app I’ve tried and the only one that uses the style of flash card learning that I use with paper cards.”
“After using it for a while I can truly say it’s one of the best if not the best flash card app.”
“Was considering Anki instead to keep my vocab practice up but was turned off by the high price. This has exactly what I need and crowd sourced decks are great.”
“I’ve noticed that I learn words so much faster with this app”
“After using if for a day, I deleted the rest of my apps for vocabulary study. This is simply the best.”
“The best application to study with the [SRS] Leitner system.”
“I’d recommend this app to anyone looking for a good flashcard app.”
“I use this app to learn Greek and I find it really simple to use and has a clean interface.”
“After checking out a number of options, I’ve committed to using Sticky Study flashcards and am very happy with it.”
“.. I literally struggled with other flash card apps for months.”
“Lots of visual feedback while making progress = easy to stay motivated.”
“Nice way of having access to a large set of decks to go along with the wonderful UI of the StickyStudy series.”


◆ Decks
Millions of decks can be searched and downloaded within the app from the “Quizlet” and “Flashcard Exchange” servers using a custom interface – no browser or registration. Just choose, download and go (or import your own).

◆ Beautiful “Map” Interface
Your entire deck is shown as one large map that you can freely scroll and zoom around in. See your whole deck on one screen.

◆ Leitner Study Method + Calendar = Awesomeness
Just set a future date and let the scheduler tell you when and what to study, everyday. Adjustable SRS algorithm.

◆ List View
A classic iPhone style “list view” for large decks allows you to instantly scroll through up to 10,000 entries using a PC style scroll bar.

◆ Searching, sorting and filtering.
Sort by colour, last studied, number of times guessed incorrect, ABC, flag, etc. Also supports colour filtering (to show only your weak or strong flashcards) and searching.

◆ Proven Track Record
Based on the proven and successful StickyStudy series of flashcard apps backed by regular updates, an obsessive developer and strong support.


◆ A beautiful, free scrolling “map” interface
◆ Access millions of crowd sourced decks worldwide
◆ Full access to your Quizlet account
◆ Download decks Flashcard Exchange
◆ Adjustable SRS study algorithm
◆ Freely create/mix/import/export your own decks
◆ Stickies can be added, moved, copied and edited
◆ Scheduler – set a future date and your daily study is calculated
◆ Dropbox backup/restore/sync
◆ Filtering, sorting and searching
◆ Rolling progress statistics
◆ Many options
◆ iOS5 – iOS7
◆ No subscriptions or in app purchases
◆ “Launch Centre Pro” = “stickystudyflash://”
◆ Emails answered within 24 hours
◆ Developed and constantly updated since 2008

Twitter: @justininjapan