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RangeFinder – a handy tool that allows you to check the distance in your photos. Take a picture, choose from a range of stencils (from a credit card to an airplane) and simply adjust the size to an object in the photo. Smart, easy and convenient.

Key features:
★ Get to know “how far is it?” in a couple of seconds.
★Easy-to-use intuitive interface with neat little stencil pictures to choose from.
★No rulers, tape-measures or laser-beams – just you, your picture and the score.
★Accuracy up to 93,72%
(certified by the CocoLab precision-gnome).
★Customer service that actually cares about you (*hugz*).

■ Just shoot it
Setting up local network and wondering how much wire you need to the end of that wall? Never knew how far the haunted house on the hill actually was? Wondering if the senator that lied to you is within a snowball range? Find out all the answers with RangeFinder!

■ Know your range
Whether in a pub or a busy street, in the woods or at the seaside, in the bed or in the toilet – with RangeFinder you know how far things can get!

■ Snap, pick & shoot.
Snap a photo, pick a stencil and check how far it is… What else to add?

■ Who cares? We do.
$1 might not be enough to buy out Madison Avenue, but it is your money that you entrusted to us. Here at CocoLab, we respect that. You get full support for the product, along with online updates, extra features and caring customer service. Should you have a question, a comment or just want to say hello – we are for you.


☞ I always wondered why none of my tomatoes ever reached Justin Bieber… Now I know: he was too far! Thank you RangeFinder!

☞ Dear CocoLab, I would like to express my deepest dissatisfaction with your application called The RangeFinder – I lost $10 on a “how-far-is-it?” bet to my friend who insolently used it and won. … Can I get one for free, please?

☞ Totally intuitive and easy-to-use, just like in the description. The results are pretty accurate, too. I like it.

☞ Hi guys, do you have a version of your app with stars and planets, or comets or asteroids, or spaceships or maybe, I know! an Imperial Star Destroyer, whoah, man, that would be awesome.
just think about it, measuring your distance to school in X-Wings! That would be rad1!11 I still love the car, though

Re: deepest apologies, oh dark Lord, but papa Lucas would put a zillion-credit bounty on our head for that. Still, we love the car, too – the CocoLab Team

☞ Dude, I’d never thought the light switch is just 3,76ft from my bed, awsum!

☞ Can u give some more info about the gnome, please? BTW, rangefinder rocks.

Re: we’d have to ask him, stay tuned – The CocoLab Team