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PictureRuler Lite

PictureRuler is a convenient application for quick calculation of the geometric dimensions of image elements.

With PictureRuler you can quickly measure

You can specify the size of a single element to define the scale of the whole image.
That’s it, you can now start measuring!

Excellent control with a SINGLE finger! Use zoom for a better accuracy.

PictureRuler allows to work with the images of all file formats supported by iOS.
PictureRuler operates with the images of the original sizes not reducing them, which allows to achieve high accuracy.

Load an image:
-from a photo album;
-from the iPhone camera;
-from the application gallery and start working!

You can use any images
-regular photos;
-engineering drawings;
-architectural drawings;
-geographical maps;
-topographic maps;
-aerial photos;
-satellite images.

Use those measurement units that are convenient to you:

On finishing your working on a project the image can be
-saved in a photo album;
-sent via e-mail;
-saved in the application gallery which allows to store projects and continue working on them.

The idea to create PictureRuler belongs to a professional architectural designer.

If you are
-an architect,
-a designer,
-a builder,
-a real estate broker,
-a developer,
-a land user,
or if you just going to do home renovations, use PictureRuler for your work.

Be a professional!

Lite version allow you to create only one really working line, besides of the first, main line. Other lines are fully working, but they don’t show any numbers. But it allow you to create free-shapes area, create any number of lines, send by email etc. It is allow you to understand how it is work.