Advanced Spirit Level Pro

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Advanced Spirit Level Pro


The amazing app is great for leveling pictures, tabletops, pool tables, or reading angles of any object. Whatever you might need to even out with the simplicity of this awesome Level app. It’s ready when you are.

Uses the accelerometer in your iPhone or iPod Touch to display an animated bubble level. A numeric readout displays the tilt in degrees. Sound feedback lets you know when the device is level.


- Fully functional digital level.
- Measure ring, Make you more convenient measurement.
- Measure the level of surface.
- Can be calibrated and will be saved automatically.
- calibrating function, making precise measurements possible
- horizontal measurement
- vertical measurement
- measurement on inclined surfaces of 45 degrees
- Display more accurate angles to one tenth of a degree
- Retina Support
- More coming

When to use:

✓ Home decoration.
✓ Picture Alignment.
✓ Angle measurement.
✓ Measure angles of slope, escalator.
✓ Measure the verticality of a wall, or furniture.
✓ Measure the surface of a table.
✓ And more…

Thank you for all your support and great reviews.