Best Spirit Level

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Best Spirit Level

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Best Spirit Level is a gorgeous looking app that will turn your iPhone or iPod touch in to a spirit level!

This is not a gimmick, it uses your iPhone/iPod touch accelerometer to direct the bubble within the spirit level.

It works just like a normal spirit level. This version also includes sounds and calibration facility to help you get the perfect balance.

So add some more functionality to your iPhone or iPod touch today, with this handy spirit level!


- Fully functional digital level.
- Measure ring, Make you more convenient measurement.
- Measure the level of surface.
- Can be calibrated and will be saved automatically.
- calibrating function, making precise measurements possible
- horizontal measurement
- vertical measurement
- measurement on inclined surfaces of 45 degrees
- Display more accurate angles to one tenth of a degree
- Retina Support
- Set your own Zero
- Change Treshhold
- Switch axis
- Disable/enable sound which beats faster the closer to zero you are
- Hold/Freez

Perfect for:

- aligning shelves
- putting up furniture
- wall hangings
- any other home improvement projects!

Enjoy this handy tool!