Router Traffic Status

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Router Traffic Status

Router Traffic Status will display the current Router traffic (or from any device or server that supports SNMP/UPNP as most of the Internet Routers today support) in a graph. This will show you the current Bandwidth Usage and Status of your Internet Connection (or Network Interface).

To use this app, it is necessary that your Router Supports either SNMP or UPNP to let the app allow to query the Traffic status. (e.g. AVM Fritzbox, Linksys, Cisco, …) Please see your Router Configuration / Documentation if your Router Supports UPNP or SNMP.

Note: If you have trouble get the App running with your router, please contact me through my Support Website and I sure i can help you. If you just leave a review, i´m unable to contact you as i don’t have any contact details of the reviewers!