Bach – Greatest Hits Full

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Bach – Greatest Hits Full

Best collection of Hand-Picked Bach’s masterpieces in an easy-to-use player designed for any of your iOS device!

Bach is to music what Leonardo da Vinci is to art and Aristotle is to philosophy, one of the supreme creative geniuses of history!

- Savor all Bach’s best composition in one app!
- Enjoy a fully-featured player!
- Take pleasure of an amazing iOS7 inspired interface!
- Be surprised by interesting biography of one of the greatest classical composer!

What makes Bach the great composer that he unarguably is?

It is not just his extraordinary capacity to think in counterpoint (its combined musicality, ingenuity and unforced complexity are of a different order to anything else being written) but his superior harmonic sense that set him apart. A Vivaldi concerto bowls along on fairly predictable lines; Bach was daring, taking the music into unexpected areas. It made people complain, so curious did it sound to contemporary ears!