Six-Pack Abs in Six Weeks: The Video Guide

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Six-Pack Abs in Six Weeks: The Video Guide

Wish you could get flat, toned abs without putting in months at the gym? Toned, washboard abs are not just impressive to look at; they serve as core support for the rest of our bodies. Download “Six-Pack Abs in Six Weeks: The Video Guide” now – a Vook that combines a fast and effective ab workout with how-to videos, showing you how to build flat, six-pack abs in no time.

In this Vook, you’ll get eight chapters full of fitness tips and workouts to build beach-ready abs, quickly and easily. First you’ll learn how to create your six-week program. Then you’ll learn how to execute the latest crunches, planks, leg lifts, sit-ups, v-ups, twists, raises and extensions that target all of the key muscles in your abs. Most exercises call only for your own body and the floor. You’ll also get exercises that help improve your back and legs, as well as information on cardio and nutrition that will help support the work you’re doing on your abs. Helpful videos will show you how to execute each workout properly, and bonus tips throughout tell you how to push yourself even further with each exercise.