HK Airport – iPlane2 Flight Information

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HK Airport – iPlane2 Flight Information

## Real-time Hong Kong Airport iPlane Flight Information

iPlane2 is a digital radar system to detect airplanes on the sky and show it on a map. It looks like you are observing the planes from the top of our blue planet. This combined version demonstrates various number of planes being tracked near HKG Airport. It has the power to show the plane’s GPS, model, altitude and speed.

Comes with passenger & cargo flight’s arrival and departure time, destination, status, terminal and gate information are synchronized with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Enjoy an easy boarding experience!


Innovation – Shake your iPhone to refresh and get today’s flights. Easily slide the screen to the left/right to observe next-days flight info.

Convenience – Program auto-detects and searches the most current flight for you. It also saves your last keywords search.

Power – Advanced search tools for flight, airline, terminal exit, check-in counter number and destination information.