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Pocket Sanrio

Love Hello Kitty? Can’t get enough of Hello Kitty and her adorable friends?

Now you can stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and products related to Hello Kitty and her cast of friends! Additionally, Pocket Sanrio is the latest social platform for all of Sanrio fans to share their latest Sanrio gear.

Download this app now and join the community!

- Characters – Come and meet Hello Kitty and friends! Learn about each character and keep up to date with their latest news.
- Hot List – Share your favorite Sanrio products and accessories with other Sanrio fans! Rate each other’s Sanrio gear and learn where you can pick one up for yourself!
- Store Listing – Add to your growing collection of Sanrio gear! All of Sanrio China’s retail outlets are now in the palm of your hands!
- News Center – Stay up-to-date with Sanrio China’s latest news, events, and product introductions

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喜欢Hello Kitty吗?想要天天和Hello Kitty还有她的小伙伴们在一起吗?

现在你可以时时刻刻和Hello Kitty还有她的小伙伴们在一起,了解他们的最新情报,热门活动,人气产品!另外,对于所有三丽鸥粉丝来说,Pocket Sanrio是一个最新的社交平台,粉丝们可以通过这个应用分享自己最新的三丽鸥情报。


- 明星任务-快来与Hello Kitty还有她的小伙伴们见面吧!了解每个明星人物和最新情报
- 晒单-和其他的三丽鸥粉丝一起,分享你最喜欢的三丽鸥产品!获知热门产品排名和购置产品位置!
- 店铺咨询-收藏了更多的三丽鸥店铺!三丽鸥中国的零售网点,尽在掌中!
- 情报中心-时刻查看最新情报资讯,热门活动和产品介绍