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Web ESL Pod Player

! Great app to listen to ESLPod, just point the navigation url to eslpod.com and you are ready to go !

So, are you tired to use Safari to listen audio content from your favorite website and get surprised with tab reload? Do you want better audio player controls ? Would you like to keep track what you have listened?

This application let you listen audio from any web page using a native player, with easy to use controls. You can play, pause, go back, go forward and use the slider to move the media time, all with a convenient UI, much better than any standard web control.

All your listening history is saved so you can go back easily when needed.

Every time you load a website, the application scans for audio files and present to you the available list of files.

Visit your favorite podcast website for studying your second language and listen while you read along! Any website that brings downloadable listening material is good match for this application! Forget about the limitations of the standard html audio control and allow this utility app to make you more efficient.

Examples sites for Language learners:

* http://www.eslpod.com
* http://www.culips.com
* http://www.elllo.org
* http://www.manythings.org
* http://www.audiria.com
* http://www.dailystep.com