CoCoCamera For iOS7

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摄影与录像 生活

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CoCoCamera For iOS7

Are you sick of a world full of filter cameras, tired with no creative pictures everywhere,.
Do U want to make ur life full of fun?
Do U want to create a new life for youself?
Then, we introduce a grand new products,
It is “CoCoCamera”!
CoCoCamera is creative app, use your portrait to create amazing works easily.
Hope you like it and have fun!

* 120+ bodys to choice, Contains Super heroes, Game characters, fashion girl, Movie&TV,zombie, characters……
* 1000+ decorations let you out of the ordinary, hats, glasses, hair, bows, and a large sticker Library
* 150+ selected background, you can also obtain the background from the album and camera
* support share to instagram, Facebook, twitter, wechat, sina weibo, other apps, surprise your friends!


“It makes your friend sit up and take notice”

“LOL….cool APP”

“I like Iron man,please give more!”

“This is an amazing idea!”

“I use Cococam to make extra special birthday wishes for my friends on Facebook,He like it very much”

“I use Cococam to make photos”pop”, in an emotion stirring way”

“wooooooo……It makes me become a superman”

“My children love it very much!”

“On Instagram, when my friends see my works are all very surprised”

“Cococam is one of the most startling idea, it changed my view on camera app”

“I want more bodys,this is a great APP”