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This Application is a recorder using iPod, iPhone, iPad.

This recorder is the best other apps, and enjoy the party ( ex. KARAOKE ).
iLittleRecorder can choice recording high quality voice, recording long time and low size by setting parameter.

And reverse play, mixi play using recording files.

Is that true, I had used other recording apps. ex iRecorder pro.
but I could not be enough these sound.

So I pursue the best sound, then I developed iLittleRecorder.
it is the best apps.

You can record the best sound!

Available functions are:

1.Recording by mic

2. Set the Recording Parameter
・Data format: PCM / AppleLossLess / IMA4 / ACC / iLBC / aLaw / Rington
※’Ringtone’ is able to record iPhone’s Ringtone
・Channel: Monoral / Stereo
・ SampleBit: 16 / 24 / 32 / 64 bit
・Quality: Min / Low / Medium / High / Max
・Change SampleRate: 0 to 100.0 MHz
・Change Bit Rate: 0 to 1024 Mbps
・Recording Timer: 0 to 2 hours
・Save the Parameter & Set.
・Setting Default Parameter.

・Play / Pause
・ appointment of the reproduction position
・ reverse play
・AudioBook Mode
・ mixer playing (1 to 4 bus)
・ fast-forward(2 to 5X)
・ rewind(2 to 5X)
・ Stop
・ Display and Set the Time Line.
・ change volume
・ Loop: On / Off
・ Display Level Meter

4. Transfer the Recording Files
・by Mail ( until 5 MByte )
・Web Server
・File Sharing by iTunes(Version1.0.5)
・change the recording file name