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智力游戏 桌面游戏

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stylish unique novel ▸▸▸ puzzle experience
invert rotate shift ▸▸▸ your brains
challenging addictive mind bending ▸▸▸ 200 Levels


FUUSIO is a challenging puzzle game based on a truly original and unique idea.

The objective of the game is to remove all Shape Blocks from a grid. Each Shape Block consists of 1 to 8 colored tiles. When a Shape Block is modified to consist of 9 tiles of the same color, it is disposed from the grid.

Shape Blocks can be modified or moved by combining them with other matching Shape Blocks or with Operator Blocks (e.g. Shift, Rotate, Mask, Move, or Color). Operator Blocks can be also modified or moved by using Operator Blocks. This puzzle mechanics makes FUUSIO truly unique.

The extensive set of Operator Block types provides means for creating a variety of different types of puzzle levels.

Puzzle grid sizes are from 3×3 to 6×6 grid cells, but even 3×3 levels can be quite challenging to solve.

The first version of the game comes with 200 levels. More levels will be added on each update release.

Game Center support with a Leaderboard is included. Please note that the Game Center Leaderboard shows only the total scores that are earned from solving non-tutorial levels. So, you need first to complete the tutorial before you get any scores from solving the levels.

One more thing: The name of the game ‘Fuusio’ is a Finnish word meaning ‘fusion’.