Handbook of Mathematical Functions

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Handbook of Mathematical Functions

The classic “Handbook of Mathematical Functions” edited by Milton Abramowitz and Irene Stegun is now on IOS. This edition of the Handbook contains more than 4000 equations and 170 graphs/illustrations. Interactive calculators have replaced bulky tables.

The Handbook contains a huge amount of information for students, scientists and engineers who need quick access to a wide variety of mathematical formulas. Buy it once, use it forever.

Subjects include common transcendental functions and formulas, orthogonal polynomials, integrals, series, coefficients, sums, transforms, recurrences and relations. The original HoMF is over 1000 pages long, without the tables about 400 pages are left, chock full of useful material.

Among other things, v1.3 deals with issues in GK’s review- table of contents bar can now be hidden in portrait mode on iPads. The ToC has never been displayed with content on the iPhone/iPod.