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Forget the Standard Look – Pimp Your Home Screen and Design your own Personal Fast-Call, Fast-SMS, Fast-Mail and Bookmark Icons!

Since iOS 4.1 you can create high-resolution icons for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Design icons for your home screen in just a few steps!

Step 1: choose a design
In this initial step you can select a font, the character (number of letter) and the font and background colour. You can also select an image as the icon; say a flag, a graphic, or one of your own photos.

Step 2: transform your icon
Now you can rotate, enlarge or position the character and background within the icon.

Step 3: link a function
Now you can assign a function to your new self-designed button. Use it as a bookmark for an internet site, a fast dial button, or link to a default mail and SMS recipient. Now when you select the icon on your screen the function will be activated.

Step 4: add icon
Your icon will now be displayed in a Safari window, use the “+” button to add it to your Home Screen and position it.

You can use your custom icon in a variety of ways:

Write messages and slogans on your home screen
Make a page of fast dial links for your best friends and people you call most
Post your message or icons on your Facebook profile
Order your Apps by topics
Use your icon for page numbering
Create an Apps and games tab
Put your favourite internet bookmarks on your home screen

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