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Timesphere is a unique animated calendar that allows you to reach out and physically touch and manipulate your schedule. It seamlessly and automatically integrates and exports data to and from your existing calendar applications. Via a flowing hierarchy of scalable and scrollable spheres, you can move quickly and easily between years, months, weeks, days, and hours.

Our patented 4D engine turns managing time into a fun, non-linear experience. While optimized for iPad 2, Timesphere will also function on iPad 1. Timesphere works on all versions of the IPhone as well.

• Centisphere – holds 100 Yearspheres from 2001 to 2100. Features portals for access.
• Yearsphere – encompasses 12 colorful months that include day and week interfaces.
• Weeksphere – takes the entire month and renders it as a flowing linear line.
• Daysphere – breaks each day into 24 linear hours for easy input of events.
• Automatically syncs with other calendars – including iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar.
• Artistic modal window allows for easy input of events in all views.
• Finger swipe across each listed year, month, or day.
• Users can easily travel to the following or proceeding increment of time.
• Utilizes the iPad gyroscope for dynamic movement in Centisphere view.
• Pan and tilt functions being refined for use in all spheres. Coming soon!