YodelOh™ Math Mountain

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YodelOh™ Math Mountain

Fairway fun meets mathematical mayhem in the exciting new carnival adventure from the makers of Operation Math. Whether you’re tapping targets to score points or fend your flank from a herd of hard-charging sheep, you’ll love every minute of the game that turns standard math tables into a mountain of fun.

Score enough points before Hans takes a header off the cliff and you could be crowned the King of the Mountain. But miss too many sheep and you might be “lederhosed.” It’s all part of the fun in the fast-paced Alpine climbing game that will have you sitting on the edge of your chair as you cling to the side of the cliff.

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• All of your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math tables.
• Multitasking, visual tracking and prioritizing.
• The dangers of math-crazed mountain sheep.

• All the addition/subtraction binomial equations for numbers 1-20.
• All the multiplication/division binomial equations for numbers 1-12.
• Five operator-based game modes (+,-,x,÷ and +/-/x/÷).
• Addictive play action that makes learning fun.
• High-score charts that track the best 15 games on all five operator modes.
• Universal app with full retina support for iPad and iPhone 5.


Fun Game Action
YodelOh Math Mountain replaces boring flashcards with fast-paced game action that encourages students to learn the same information in a whole new way.

Graduated Difficulty
As players score points, the questions get harder, challenging students at every level. This unique mechanism makes it possible for beginners to play while challenging them to go further in the game.

Player Recognition
YodelOh Math Mountain tracks the 15 highest scores in each operator mode, making it an excellent motivational tool for the classroom. Additionally, the top player in each operator is displayed on the main menu, providing the ultimate incentive for goal-focused learners.

Developmental Skill Building
In YodelOh Math Mountain, players must successfully track multiple objects, prioritize visual information and make fast decisions, helping students improve their development skills while they work on their math.

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YodelOh Math Mountain contains:
* No third-party ads
* No social network links
* No easy web access
* No in-app purchases