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模拟游戏 赛车游戏

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Dirt Masters


Dirt Masters is a hill climb racing game with breathtaking 3D graphics and addictive gameplay features. Push the pedal to metal, earn coins and starts, fulfil main goal for extras, upgrade you cars.

- 2 chooseable cars: Buggy and Jeep (more to come with the next updates)
- 3 different game modes: Hill Climb, Fuel Madness and Gentle Push
- 4 various stages: Forest, Mountain, Canyon and Vulcan
- 144 levels with various environments
- Breathtaking 3D graphics
- Accureate and realistic physics

Hill Climb – Make your way to the finish as fast as possible to beat base time or your previous record to get bonus scores.

Fuel Madness – Take your car as far as possible with a can of fuel. The farthest you get the higher bonus score is awarded.

Gentle Push – Push the golf car to the finish as fast as possible. The sooner you get the higher bonus score is awarded.

- Buy upgrades every time you can afford to boost your car performance and accomplish levels on an easier way.
- It’s profitable to slow down your car a bit in front of a gas station because the more time you are in near of a gas station, the more fuel your car get.
- You can upgrade Engine, Suspension, Wheel and Fuel for coins, and Damage, Tank Hole and Pilot Weight for stars. So collect both of them.

If you found any bug or issue please send us an e-mail to support@magicpixel.hu or look for us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/askhomework!