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Woof – Woof Labs

From the paws of 3 caring dog lovers comes… Woof!
An ecosystem to bring dog lovers closer to their dogs and local dog communities.

What’s wagging inside:
•Create your dog’s own beautiful profile
•Take and store pictures over your dog’s lifetime; share the photos with other dog lovers
•Track and get comparative statistics (distance and time) about your dog walks
•Mark your dog’s territory and get notified when someone ‘sniffs’ you
•Find nearby dogs, dog parks and their respective amenities (off-leashed, fenced, parking, fountain, benches).

•National Urban Animal: ‘Product Innovation’ and ‘Emerging Industry Leader’ award (Nominee)
•In partnership with the OSPCA to increase adoptions of sheltered pets
•Nicol National Entrepreneurial Award Top 6 Finalist

Connect with us online:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mydogwoofs
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mydogwoofs

If you have any feedback, ideas, questions or bug reports, please feel free to contact us by:
Email: support@woof.co
Skype: WoofLabs

Woof – A dog lover’s second best friend!

*While on a walk in the Hood, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.