Jack n Jill for iphone

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智力游戏 策略游戏

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Jack n Jill for iphone

Help Jack and Jill find their way to each other by connecting the broken path which is separating them from each other. In this Island Challenge, though the clear blue waters, scenic Beauty and the beautiful enchanting music of the island are likely to distract you, but, the idea is to remain focused. Just connect the path and help them across!

But wait, its not as simple as it looks! There are 15 different levels each with its own pros and cons, and also, where the complexity of each level keeps increasing as you move closer, towards your destination! If you thought this was it then think again! There is a time limit which starts at 2 minutes and keeps increasing according to the level of difficulty. You have to complete the level within the specified time. If you fail to do so then the game is over! So be careful and All the best!


• 15 exciting and challenging levels

• Complexity of each level keeps increasing as you go higher and higher

• Enjoy the beauty of the island with its beautiful music and breathtaking view

• Time limit is prevalent

• Compare your local and global scores