The Independent Guide for the Mac 2011

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The Independent Guide for the Mac 2011

260 pages written by the MacUser magazine experts. Featuring all the essential tips, crafty techniques and information you need, this fully updated publication is the definitive guide to whole Apple range and a must-have for any switched-on individual. Covering the iPod, iPhone and Mac computers.

Featuring detailed specs for the latest Apple products, guides to help you buy your ideal Mac, as well as masterclasses covering everything from editing movies to producing revealing spreadsheets using your Mac, this is the authoritative user guide to Apple’s range.

Whether you’re looking to use your Mac for business or pleasure, with dedicated iLife and iWork chapters you’ll gain all you need to know to maximise the potential of your Mac. Special features in this guide include a showcase of the 20 cool and business must-have Mac tools, 100 Mac tips revealed, the low-down on using Google searches effectively, as well as a handy jargon-busting glossary.

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