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Camera Plus

Over 9 million+ users and 21 million+ downloads later, CAMERA PLUS is back. Intro offer @ 50% off!

Introducing Camera Plus 3.0 – Slick. Savvy. Svelte.

A camera app that redefines iPhone photography with a brand new and exciting experience that reflect the new iPhones and iOS 7.

Seamlessly glide through your Camera Roll, switch between capturing and editing with one tap and share easily for the world to see.



Focus – For users who love to indulge in Stock, Nature, Landscape and Creative Photography, Camera Plus provides 3 focus modes – ‘Macro’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Far’. Along with the ability to lock the focus, this allows for desired objects to be in the limelight.

Lumy – It is a simple exposure slider present in the main capture screen. In cases where light poses problems, ‘Lumy’ will intelligently analyze ambient conditions and increase/decrease the amount of light so that the captures are bright and clear.


Pix’d – A magical feature that automatically enhances your captured pictures. With just a tap, Camera Plus app changes the color, lighting, skin tone and more to make images look much better and sharper.

Tweak – Mix n’ match colors, detail and much more with easy to use tweaking options like tinkering with the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Temperature. No two pictures will ever be the same!


Instagram users can fit entire images into the square format before uploading them! In addition, share captures instantly via Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, iMessage and Mail.

Lock – Introducing the Locked Roll for those that value their treasured captures enough to lock it up. Store what is truly yours in a safe, cozy and personal space. We do provide the key of course! (In-app Purchase)

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