Strategic Dice

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策略游戏 骰子游戏

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Strategic Dice

Strategic Dice is a world conquest simulation inspired by the online classic Dice Wars. Learn to play in just seconds and enjoy days of challenges vs. computer players and/or other people through Game Center.


- Single player vs. up to seven computer players.
- Pass & Play mode for two players using one device.
- 2-4 player internet multiplayer with Game Center.
- Game Center Achievements.
- Full iPhone, iPad, and Retina display (iPhone 4) support.
- Choose your preferred dice color.
- Sound effects.

How to Play:

- 2-8 players (1 or 2 humans locally, or 4 humans multiplayer, plus computer players) begin with assorted territories under their control.
- Each territory is assigned a random number of dice at the start.
- Each turn, players may attack one or more neighboring territories.
- If the sum of the attacker’s dice is greater than the sum of the defender’s dice, the attacker takes control of the territory and the defenders dice are destroyed.
- Upon capturing a space, all attacking dice except one are moved to the new space.
- At the end of each turn, players are awarded additional dice based on the number of connected territories they control.
- When only one player has dice remaining, the game is over!

Simple to learn, but endlessly addictive.