Poste – TextEditor with Markdown for Evernote

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Poste – TextEditor with Markdown for Evernote

Poste is designed to write with Markdown for Evernote’s note.
Let’s write now ! Fast,Easy and Enjoy !
Once it uses, it becomes a must in write it.

Write with Poste!
- Launch Fast.
- When it Launch, It’s in the state that can write immediately for Evernote’s note .
- The title is genarated automatic. (It is able to change settings that is 1st line, Date and Location.)

- Write with Markdown or plaie text.
- Push button.

If you want to preview of HTML View,Please you push Preview button.

If you want to use of image,Please you push Select file button. and choose image.

Poste is designed to write with Markdown for Evernote’s note. but, It is not that have few functions. You can customize for it. You will get TextEditor for you.
- Customize button in toolbar.
- Support Custom CSS.It restricts to the state that can use tag and elements in Evernote.
- Support TextExpander’s snipet. Please succeed the input method in use as it is from usually.

- Write Evernote’s note to use markdown or plain text.
- Setup button that Markdown’s major notation in toolbar.
- Choose Evernote’s notebook and tag for post note.
- Make Evernote’s notebook and tag.
- Support Custom CSS.
- Support TextExpander.
- Support Insert Image file in PhotoLibrary and Camera.
- Support URLScheme.

It is for this application being quick and writing a note to Evernote happily simply.
A markdown notation is one of the ways of writing born to the basis of the philosophy that it can write easily and can read easily.
This suits the concept of this application very much.
as a reason to adopt, it is perfect — it was .
Of course, the developer is very much pleased with markdown.

The details about a markdown notation are explained within an application.
The contents of the following link are also consulted very much.

Mr.John Gruber’s site.