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娱乐 摄影与录像

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Blend Your Pix

We are sorry to have kept you waiting. We have fixed the bugs and the updated version is ready now.
Our apologies once again for the inconveniences. We thank you for your patience.


Haven’t you ever wanted to cut and paste parts from one picture on to another? Finally, the power to blend your pictures together is literally at your fingertips!

Blend Your Pix is an app that is both easy to use and full of features. Simply choose a picture, highlight what you want to cut out in one color (blue) and what you want to discard in another (red), and the app automatically creates a cutout image file you can use again and again. Choose a second picture to use as a background, and take advantage of the app’s ability to stretch or shrink the image, rotate it any angle, and even change its transparency!

Imagine the possibilities:
- transform your pets into Godzilla-sized beasts wreaking destruction on a city of your choosing <– you can enlarge or shrink the cutouts as you please!
- instill fear with creepy placement of transparent ghosts, or make it a ghost hunt with barely visible ones <– transparency is fully controllable!
- play dress up with your own or your friends’ pictures
- “discover” pictures of your friends in compromising or otherwise embarrassing situations… like with cake on their face!
- put yourself next to your idols, or inside your favorite movies.

Your only limit is your imagination!

Blend Your Pix has been ranked #3 in the Photography category in Japan under the name かんたん合成 , and for good reason.

Check it out and let your creativity run wild!