iGuard : 防盗

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iGuard : 防盗

The strongest & simplest application of the current alarm applications.
How to guard iPhone at the lowest cost and safely(or Method to guard(protect) iPhone safely at the lowest cost). Just, iGuard.
Possible to use with energy saving function for a long time,
and to guard notebook(or laptop), computer case, and all things that iPhone is placed on as well as iPhone.
Possible to give a warning on the screen display to someone having an eye on your belongings.

How to use it

1.Please run application after iPhone is put down.(Please input your release passwords into configuration in advance.)
2.Please press the starting button on alarm mode.
3.Please do safely all you have to do.
4.The alarm bell is rung the moment someone touch your iPhone.
5.Please input your passwords if releasing the alarm.