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导航 工具

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Measure the distance and the height of an object only knowing your height!

1. SET THE LENS HEIGHT with the appropriate slider. Our suggestion is to point your device at the same level of your eyes and subtract about 10 cm from your height.
2. Point the sight in the place from which you want to measure your distance and press the button “Save distance”. THE POINT MUST BE LOCATED ON YOUR SAME PLANE AND THE APPLICATION IS UNABLE TO TAKE MEASUREMENTS ON AN INCLINED PLANE.
3. After measuring the distance, touching the appropriate button, you can determinate the height, which is measured from the point you have just taken the distance to another point of your choice, that MUST BE ON A PERPENDICULAR TRAJECTORY FROM THE PLANE WHERE’S THE “DISTANCE POINT”.

To reset the measurements press the trash button (or left swipe on the screen).
To use the app in dark environments you can press the torch button to switch on/off the iPhone’s led (or right swipe on the screen)..
For a better precision you can zoom in/out with you fingers.