AirBeam – Live HD video surveillance and motion detection

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AirBeam – Live HD video surveillance and motion detection

AirBeam turns your iPhones, iPods or iPads into a realtime audio and video surveillance system. AirBeam streams live video and audio from the cameras and microphones of any number of iPhones, iPods or iPads. You can watch the stream on any other iDevice, Mac or Web browser – even on multiple screens simultaneously.

Use your iDevices as luxury babyphones, for serious surveillance, to keep an eye on your pets, a FPV cam in your remote control toys…there are hundreds of useful and not so useful things you can do with it. Even if you have just a single device AirBeam is an awesome tool for motion controlled video recording.

AirBeams features in detail:
* High Quality Realtime: Watch video and hear audio on your remote device in amazing quality with resolution up to HD 720p, 30 frames per second and CD quality audio. Watch and hear in realtime thanks to AirBeam’s low latency encoding and transmission technology.

* Zero Configuration: No need to manually configure device addresses. AirBeam automatically discovers all AirBeam cams on your network and you can instantly watch them.

* Multi Camera, Multi Monitor: Launch as many camera devices as you want and monitor them simultaneously. Or follow a single camera on multiple screens at the same time.

* Recording: Seeing or hearing something on AirBeam you want to remember? Just press the record button and the video and audio will be recorded.

* Motion and audio detection: Trigger alarms or recordings when something happens in front of the camera to create a single track of events that happened during a day.

* Web interface: Use a browser to watch (no audio in a browser) the live video, download your recordings or adjust the camera settings.

* Portrait and Landscape: Just rotate your device to choose best fit for what you are viewing.

* Universal App: One universal App with tailored user interface for iPhone and iPad. Buy it once and install on as many devices as you want.

* AND COMPLETELY FOR FREE: AirBeam viewer app for your Mac available in the Mac AppStore.

Want to know more? Visit our website and watch the AirBeam demo video.

Important notes
* Best video quality is achieved when AirBeam is used within a local WiFi network. With port forwarding configured in your WiFi router it is also possible to monitor AirBeam cameras on your WiFi at home from anywhere in the Internet. If your WiFi router supports UPNP or NAT PMP, AirBeam does the port forwarding configuration automatically. If not, you need to manually configure port forwarding for port 8123 in your WiFi router – see the FAQ pages on our homepage for more details. And check your data plan, live video over 3G consumes quite some bandwidth…
* Please consider regulations for video surveillance that might apply in your country.