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GoldfrApp – Tales Of Us

*** BBC Radio 6 App of the Week (27/08/13) ***
*** Featured in The Guardian’s 20 best apps of the week ***

• Combine photos to create beautiful, unexpected and sometimes surreal images.
• Simply take two photos to create a double exposure.
• Fun feature: Shake your iPhone to randomly select images from your library and remix your memories
• Built-in filters such as Enhance, Tone, Colour, and Order allow you to further adjust the image to express your creativity.

Our app is a great companion to Instagram, giving your posts a distinctive look and feel that cannot be replicated in other apps.

You can also share your images with Goldfrapp or with friends on Twitter and Facebook. Goldfrapp’s favourites will be added to their new website as part of a unique audio-visual mixer, The Goldfrapp Experience.

1000s of users have already uploaded their double exposures on Instagram, explore the hashtag #TalesOfUs to see what everyone is doing with this distinctive photo editing experience. We hope to see you there.