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Photo Blender+

Get the desktop version, PhotosBlender, at

• Create stunning high resolution photo montages.

• Edit photos in the Aviary image editor: enhance, rotate, add text, much more.

• Supports 3 blend types: horizontal, vertical and 4 square

• Image insetting onto a white background.

• Use your iPhone, iPod or iPad camera from within the app to produce beautiful photo blends.

• Create blends of selected images directly from your Photos library.

• Combine photos using a gradient blend at the seams where they are joined.

• The blending margin width is adjustable for special effects.

• Set the blending margin width to zero to merely join photos at their edges.

• Set the blending margin width to higher values to achieve gradual transitions.

• Save all your blends in one place in your gallery.

• In the gallery you can export and view blends, among other options.

• Add location data to your blends so you remember exactly where you were when you made it.

• View the location where the blend was made on a map in the gallery.

• Share your blends