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Shapic is the simple and emotional photography app that is consist of photo with shape and text. Shapic has no Sequential step, but support Parallel steps, such as ‘shape’, ‘filters’, ‘text’, ‘share’, and help you to easily create emotional, beautiful and fun photo very quickly. Share your photos with family and friends via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Just enjoy the shape!

◇ Shoot or select a photo from library
◇ Select one of the over 100 shapes in 5 categories
◇ Select shape color
◇ Apply photographic filter effects
◇ Input text and select text color and font
◇ Move and scale text
◇ Share your photo via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
◇ Able to save original image
◇ Able to select image size

◇ Follow Shapic on instagram @insta_shapic (#shapic)